Pregnancy Counseling

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1. Who we are

A Caring Connection of Catholic Charities is the state-wide pregnancy counseling and adoption program provided through Catholic Charities of Kentucky. The Lexington-based office has been serving 50 counties in Central, Southern and Eastern Kentucky for over 60 years.

2. What we do

At A Caring Connection we have experienced, professional counselors available to assist you in preparing for the birth of your child. Our focus is on counseling and assisting you in reaching the choice that you feel is right as an individual. We provide pregnancy counseling, information regarding options for your pregnancy (parenting or adoption) and adoption services for those who feel that they are not prepared to parent adequately at this time. In addition, parenting education, information and referrals to community resources, and adoption screening for prospective adoptive couples are available through this program.

A Caring Connection provides on-going counseling, support and parenting education to help in making a decision and plan for when the baby is born. By looking at the information on resources and options available you can decide what choice is best for you and your baby. A Caring Connection values the life choices that one has to make at this critical time and we want to provide you with support and encouragement as you try to make your decision. If receiving pregnancy services, we can help you decide what is best for you and your child. We do not pressure or encourage anyone to parent or make an adoption plan. It is your decision.

Through the adoption screening and placement process, our staff provides the screening of prospective adoptive couples for the home study needed to place a child in their home for adoption. We feel that we get to know a couple to the best of our ability so that we can recommend them as a safe, loving, prepared adoptive family for an infant placed in their care. Our services are not time-limited and we are able to provide long-term support for birth parents and adoptive families for as long as they desire.

3. Who will I talk to if I call or email

A Caring Connection has a 24-hour hotline available at (859) 317-3358 for pregnancy-related calls ONLY. The two pregnancy and adoption service counselors can be reached by calling or emailing:

(859) 253-1993 ext. 214 (Nelda)

(859) 253-1993 ext. 216 (Laurie)

Due to the fact that we make home visits and travel throughout a 50 county area, there is a possibility that we will not be in the office at times. Please feel free to leave messages for us and we will contact you as soon as we are available. For pregnant individuals, we value the courage that it takes for you to make that first phone call and want to assure you that we will call you as soon as possible. If you need to speak with someone immediately, please contact our Office Manager at ext. 213 and we will be contacted in order to call you right back.


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