1. How long will it take to adopt?

Since birth parents select a family, the wait varies. A couple may wait just a few months or possibly a few years depending on the types of situations for which you choose to be considered.

2. Do we have to be Catholic to adopt through your agency?


3. How much does it cost to adopt through A Caring Connection?

Our agency is non-profit and operates on a sliding fee scale. Placement fees are determined by a family’s annual income. A prospective adoptive couple is not responsible for paying birth parent expenses.

4. Can I choose the gender of my child?

Yes. In that birth parents often choose an adoptive couple before the birth of the child, you will not be considered for these situations. This will limit the number of opportunities you will have to be chosen for a placement.

5. How open do we have to be in order to receive a placement?

It is not required that anyone participate in an open adoption. A Caring Connection followed the lead of adoption agencies throughout the United States who had determined that open adoptions tend to be beneficial to those involved. Not only has this form of adoption been proven to be healthy for the emotional healing of birth parents, but adoptees have also exhibited greater awareness and comfort with their identity. Adoptive parents often say that they are more comfortable in a situation where the birth parent has asked them to parent the child. This leads to less secrecy, stigma and mystery surrounding the child’s adoption. Children have answers to questions that those involved in a closed situation may never have.

Openness suggests a flexibility and a willingness to work at a relationship that will ultimately be important to a child placed in your home. There are still agencies that do closed adoptions. If you feel that this is a better choice for your family there are resources available throughout the state.

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