Disaster Recovery

One of the biggest blows to a family's stability is a natural disaster. Floods, tornadoes, ice storms and other forms of severe weather can render a home uninhabitable, can ruin a vehicle and cause extensive damage to personal property. In addition, such disasters often disrupt regular employment.

Catholic Charities can help families and communities recover from losses resulting from a natural disaster. Our Disaster & Long-Term Recovery Fund can help families purchase building materials and essential appliances. In addition, the fund supports the work of organizations and churches in the affected community, underwriting the cost of meals, water and emergency shelter.

The fund is supported by donations from the community and by grants from Catholic Charities USA.

Catholic Charities often has funds available to help households who demonstrate a financial need as a result of natural disasters. This money may assist an individual with home repairs, car repairs, new clothing, or payment for a bill he or she is unable to cover due to added expenses directly related to the disaster. To check on availability or for more information, please contact Cindy Mitchell by phone at (859) 253.1993, ext. 213 or by email at cmitchell@cdlex.org.  If funds are available, you will need to complete and return our Disaster Assistance Application.  

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